The union of health and taste is something that one cannot resist sharing with friends and family. For those of you looking to share this gift, check out our Gifting Range.

Our gifting service has been very popular with the consumers, so much so that we have already catered to over 100 clients since we launched this initiative.

We understand that every situation requires a different touch. Therefore, we provide various customisation options for you, as per your needs. Some of our best-selling packages are the 1 kg dry fruits pack with 250g packs of almonds, cashews, raisins and pistachios. You can also pick up some of our flavoured dry fruit packs – 3 cans of unique flavours in almonds and cashews

Our gifting services range from corporate gifting to personal gifting.

Personal Gifting

Nothing delights us more than making someone’s special day even more memorable. And to that effect, we have, we have worked for some prominent clients who keep coming back to us for more. We cater to all sorts of personal gifting; from weddings to special occasions and festivals.

You can choose from our premium range of dry fruits; Thai Chilli Mix, Barbeque almonds, Honey Sesame almonds, Nut Butters, etc.

Some of our exclusive wedding flavors include Exotic Rose Almonds, Saffron Cashews, Cardamom Almonds, Vanilla Cinnamon Almonds, Granola Mix. And if you still want more, we can innovate new flavours based upon your preferences.

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Corporate Gifting

Are you a company that wants to make a grand gesture towards its employees, to show them how much you value them? Or maybe, it is a special occasion for your company; an anniversary, an achievement. Whatever the cause, we are here to serve. We have worked with several esteemed companies, not only during the festive seasons, but also for the special occasions such as those mentioned above.

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