As an organisation, we are driven to inspire people all over the world to cultivate good health habits. Health is not just a word for us. It is a way of life.

Offering wholesome nutrition with wholesome knowledge

We aim to provide nutritious and wholesome offerings to every household in India. We provide healthy alternatives that can be consumed at any time of the day. To further this cause, we regularly conduct tests and research work regarding the nutritional information of our products, through recognised laboratories. In fact, our research has reiterated the fact that the amount of cholesterol present per 28 g of Almonds is near zero. And, the same is true for Cashews. The idea here is to not just raise awareness amongst the consumers, but also, our stakeholders, regarding nutritional facts.

Certifications that we have earned

In recognition of our maintenance of high standards in that regard, we have attained the following certifications:

1. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

2. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

3. ISO 22000:2005

These ensure that our working process is always in compliance with the highest standards of food safety and hazard management.

Ensuring quality assurance and quality control

To ensure the quality of our products, a sample is maintained from every lot that is produced and all finished goods are rechecked before being dispatched.

In fact, every B2B order is attached with a Certificate of Analysis. Further, we maintain complete records and documentation for traceability analysis and pest control services.
It must be pointed out that all of our equipment is made of stainless steel. And, our weights and control measures are tested on two levels: daily in-house testing by a certified body once in every 6 months. Only the most qualified people are recruited for this. Our Head of Quality Control has an MSc in Food Technology.

Our manufacturing process

We are committed to manufacturing products of the highest standards. The raw material first goes through Sorting and Grading lines – a process by which we ensure that there are no foreign particles in our products. We use specialized state-of- the-art ovens and stainless steel machines to process our products.
We do not use a single drop of oil. It’s all dry roasted and naturally processed, without any preservatives.